Safety & Environment

Trimex Sands Private Limited has taken adequate measures to maintain an eco friendly environment. After the extraction, the mineral free sand is returned to the mined out areas and put under a green canopy by using scientific social afforestation techniques. A captive nursery has been established to supply saplings of the identified species for the social afforestation.

asdSocial responsibility mandates issued by the Management were very clear: that there should be the least environmental impact because of the operations and that there should be a definite improvement in the living standards in the 10 villages immediately surrounding the area of TSPL's operations. The villages included under TSPL's CSR cover are Peda Vatchavalasa, Chinna Vatchavalasa, Mogadalapadu, Perlavanipeta, Amadalapadu, Sreeramavanipeta, Kittumvanipeta, Yerraguddi, Alliguddi and Chilukuripeta, all falling in the Gara Mandal.

Characteristically, these villages had no proper electricity, all-weather roads or any dependable health care facilities. Naturally, these were the first areas that TSPL's CSR initiative focused on. Other areas that caught the company's attention were the creation of social spaces, child and adult literacy and the improvement of existing infrastructure.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh was considerate to extend a power line through these villages. TSPL supplied tube lights, bulbs and other fittings to ensure that all homes in these 10 villages were lighted up.

The company, through a brief survey, identified the need for connecting roads from the villages to the all-weather road that leads to the plant. These village roads are in the process of being strengthened so that the movement of people, goods and services becomes easier, benefiting the villages in routine and emergent times.

asdadTSPL has established a poly clinic just outside its premises and has secured commitments from many specialists for their time. As a prelude to their further referrals or treatment, free health check ups are being organized to screen the villagers for their conditions. Nearly 800 villagers have been screened at the two health camps organized so far at Perlavanipeta and Chinna Vatchavalasa. More screening camps are planned so that the health profile of the area under TSPL's CSR cover is compiled and focused interventions are made.

To TSPL, both child and adult literacy are important achievables. As a first step, the company distributed good quality school bags among nearly 800 school children to ensure that the free resources given by the State Government are used better and longer.

adadPlans to promote adult literacy are underway with the participation of the beneficiaries and specific programmes will be announced shortly.

In addition to the Sri Vinayaka temple just outside its premises, the company has donated generously to the building and/or renovation of several temples in the area. This is in recognition of the important role as social spaces that temples play in the rural areas. Upon requests from the villagers, TSPL has contributed substantial resources towards the construction of the Parikrama Mandapam at Mogadalapadu. Cremation sheds that had fallen into disrepair or had become unsanitary have been renovated at Vatchchavalasa.

asdasdTSPL recognizes that if social services are to be delivered appropriately, in several instances, a small improvement of existing infrastructure suffices to accomplish the delivery. TSPL has started off in this area by fully constructing the compound wall of the primary/village school at Perlavanipeta.

These small steps of TSPL were taken with a view to find their acceptability among the villagers they aim to benefit and with a view to discover what the quantum of investments would be in this social sector. It is certain that any new measure or plan will first have the concurrence and participation of the intended beneficiaries.

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