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India's top specialty value chain provider for industrial minerals, the Trimex Group is a minerals business house with interests in extraction, sourcing, procurement, delivery, and R&D. Trimex delivers products such as Barite, Bentonite, Iron Ore, Feldspar, Bauxite, Ball Clay and Kaolin, among others, to the world's leading Oil Drilling, Ceramic, Glass, Construction, Energy, Steel, and Fertilizer companies.

Founded in 1985, Trimex's global delivery network includes offices in India, Indonesia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. Production operations are conducted from multiple locations in the CIS, Africa, and West Asia.

The Group manages the minerals business through two strategic business units. Trimex International, based in Dubai, oversees the international business. Trimex Industries represents the Indian operations of the Group.

Trimex India

Trimex International